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Millennials Gravitate Towards Homes That Have This!

What are millennials looking for in a home? Simple answer…New Construction.

By Raven Aultman

Most Millennials are looking for open concept with lots of natural light, low maintenance, home office, and no carpet. Trends come and go but when it comes to design choices these are the most popular amongst millennials.

Move-in ready homes are what they search for the most on the internet and just happens to be what they prefer to look at when working with a realtor. According to the National Association of Realtors®, “Millennials make up 43% of all home buyers”. There is no doubt that Millennials want to buy a home, but the costs of fixing, flipping, and DIY is just too time consuming. They want it to ready-to-move in NOW.

What are Millennials looking for in a new home?

It All Comes Down to These 4 Things:

No. 1

Modern Eat-in Kitchens with an Oversized Island That is Great for Cooking and Entertaining.

Buyers look for this most sought after “must-have” during the home search process. If the kitchen is not modern with natural stone countertops and a modern backsplash, built for entertaining, or have modern appliances or lighting, they are not even going to care about what the rest of the house looks like. Why the need for a fantastic kitchen? Millennials do not cook out of necessity, they order out or order grocery delivery services out of convenience, but when they do choose to cook—they cook for pleasure and entertaining. It is no wonder that so much emphasis is on the kitchen.

No. 2

Open Concept, Flexible Living Spaces, and Technology

When it comes to space, millennials hate the idea of “wasted space”. All spaces in the home should be used for a purpose or a dual purpose. When a group of friends are gathering around the kitchen island while the host is preparing a meal or preparing a spread of appetizers while enjoying a glass of sangria—the open concept matters.

The home office is ever-increasing as a necessity for hybrid work environments where Millennials often take work home—working remotely full-time or part of the time. What was once called a study, is now the dedicated home office that can even serve as a guest room. The study isn’t just a room for the kids to do homework, sort the mail, and pay bills anymore. The flexibility of how the space is used is a big deal—as some Millennials prefer to use the space as a workout room or home gym. Convenience is key. Having multi-purpose rooms is a must. No longer are separated compartment rooms that are clearly defined, popular.

Having internet and technology use available is another factor. Millennials are more inclined to purchase a home that is smart home wired or has access to good internet service providers than older homes in older neighborhoods that don’t. Smart appliances and the convenience of them in the home are becoming more popular and to some—an expectation.

No. 3

Durable, Hard Surface Flooring, and No Carpet

Carpet gets gross, especially with pets and kids. The time it takes to clean it or hire someone to clean it is a pain. Vacuuming can be time-consuming if done properly. If not done properly, grey dust stains can appear against the baseboards. Millennials would like to ditch the carpet all together. Some millennials still prefer the coziness of carpet under their bare feet in the bedrooms and living areas.

To get around the drawbacks of having carpet, Millennials like to throw down a few rugs instead. It is also more cost efficient to just use rugs for a couple of years and the toss them into the trash. The convenience of ordering one online and getting it delivered in less than a week makes it easier than ever to replace a used rug. Some new home builders are finding ways to accommodate this trend by installing wood-like materials such as laminate, luxury vinyl, or wood -like tile. No longer is carpet in the bedrooms a standard, especially in more expensive homes.

No. 4

Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance

Millennials understand that a lower electricity or utility bill is not only cheaper but more climate friendly. They know that more insulation and newer appliances with better technology can assist them in being more energy efficient. Millennials are more likely to purchase a rechargeable electric car, install solar panels, purchase high efficiency washer & dryer, Energy Star Certified Appliances, LED lighting, and choose tankless water heaters to name a few things that they feel helps them reduce their carbon footprint. Millennials also like lots of windows with natural lighting to help reduce the usage of electricity and prefer energy efficient windows to keep the temperature inside cozy during more extreme seasons. Smaller yards with less need for water usage will also limit the cost and the waste of water and takes less energy to maintain. Better drainage and rainwater distribution can help prevent foundation issues around the home. These are things that might be problematic with older homes. Sprinkler systems that are smart capable and that can conserve water are becoming more of the norm.

When it comes down to it…new construction is more attractive to Millennials. They know that if they purchase an older home, they most likely must sacrifice all of these things that are important to them. They do not want to deal with the headache of fixing stuff or installing things, or remodeling a house before they can enjoy it—they prefer a move-in-ready package deal. This is what make New Construction homes ideal for the Millennial buyer.

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